Full disclosure on parenting

1. Never put a constipated baby in a jumperoo. The resulting poop explosion requires level 5 chemical suit, more wipes than are allowed by law and an incinerator.
2. Learn how to take apart a drain (or marry a plumber) because after decontaminating from poo explosions, you will be required to rescue some part of a chixos doll that fell down the drain.
3. Learn how to sleep while walking a cranky baby.
4. If that fails, learn how to hate sleep.
5. Don’t wear black unless you like looking at booger streak marks on your sleeve.
6. Never forget that it is the toughest job you’ll ever love and it all goes by too quickly!


I woke up this morning (early, courtesy of my early bird!) and could easily have been crabby about it. But, I turned on the news and saw all the images of Haiti and Afghanistan. It was God telling me to be grateful for the life I have. And He is absolutely right! I have a loving husband, healthy children and a snug, safe home. I can go outside and not fear for my life, I can turn on the faucet and have fresh, clean water. And when I do not agree with our elected officials, I can freely speak my mind about them. So today, I am very grateful! Hope you have a “great”-ful day too:)

thinking about my next month’s pledge

The water saving is going well, and I think my dear husband may have joined in without my even having to ask! What a guy:) I am trying to figure out what change we can make next month. I had played with the idea of cloth diapers for my baby, but being a breastfed baby means the poops sort of soak into the diaper and don’t come off that easily for soaking. May have to push that one off until we get more solid poopies. (Am I really discussing poop in my blog? I need to get out more!)
That leaves me with eating local (not really easy in frozen New England!) and cooking from scratch. I think I’m ready to cook from scratch. I received a great book called “Artisan bread in five minutes a day” and that will be my starting point. And this summer my goal is to get a few chickens for eggs and expand the veggie garden. Wish me luck!

Great book recommendation

*update* This is from the author of the book:

Keri Wyatt Kent January 26, 2010 at 9:07 pm [edit]

If your readers would like to read the first chapter of this book they can see it at the Zondervan website. Go to the page below and click on “read sample” on the left side of the page (under the cover photo). Thanks for the mention on your blog!


Good morning to you! Woke up this morning with my early bird and decided to blog a bit while he played. And to what should my wondering eyes appear- a comment! From someone whom I didn’t make visit my site! Can you tell I am very excited by that?!
I firmly believe that God puts people and circumstances into your life that are meant to draw your attention to something he is trying to tell you. And I got the message as soon as I popped over to Linn’s site at peaceliving. She had a post up about a devotional book called Simple Compassion. It’s about treating others with more compassion and kindness and starting with those closest to you. It is something I struggle with.
Mother Theresa said that you should care for the poor, beginning with those in your own home. She didn’t mean monetarily poor, but those needing love and attention. Charity, in all of its forms, starts at home. And so, I will be reading that book in the very near future! Here’s to being mindful to the needs of those around me – have a great day:)

to sleep or not to sleep

That is the problem! We are the proud parents of a child who requires little to no sleep to function. How is this possible? Especially when he comes from parents who require at least 8 hours a piece to function properly.
Night time here is like running the gauntlet. Not knowing what I will have to do to get even a tiny bit of sleep, when bedtime approaches I break out in a cold sweat. Will I have to nurse him every two hours in the glider? Will I have to watch bad late night tv with him while he plays on the floor? The other night I did so many laps with him, I could have walked to Tibet and back.
And I am not on this roller-coaster alone. My wonderful husband gets up frequently with the baby to try and buy me a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, but then he doesn’t get any and has to haul himself to work, exhausted. Then I feel guilty. And tired. So what is a mother to do?
Well, I am breaking the cardinal rule of modern parenting, and keeping him in bed with me. Last night I nursed him all night, basically I was a human pacifier.
But, you know what, I got to sleep! So when my early bird decided that he wanted to watch the sun rise, I was actually coherent. Even with interruptions, I think I got a solid 6 1/2 hours! Whooooow!
Here’s to sleeping again!

water saving update

Well, I am 4 days into my water saving pledge and so far so good! I have a 2 gallon bucket in the shower and when I filled it with the water that normally goes down the drain during warm up, I got almost 2 gallons! Now I am filled with guilt over all that water going down the drain! Especially after seeing the reports on Haiti and all the other nations that don’t have any clean water and here I am sending gallon after gallon to the sewer!
I pride myself on being a pretty good steward of God’s beautiful Earth, but when I really stop and take a closer look, I have LOADS of room for improvement.
And in other news, I saw a beautiful blog sent to me by a friend. After viewing her site, I feel woefully inadequate and must apologize to my readers for such humdrum prose! I promise to spice it up when I get a little more sleep – can’t be witty on less than 6 hours!

the quote…

I woke up this morning to a new website! My wonderful web-savvy hubby personalized it for me in the wee hours of the morning when he was up with our baby (yes, my husband rocks!). And he picked out the quote, which I personally think is hysterical! Although I’m not sure that I rate such a great quote…I guess it gives me something to strive for:) Thanks honey!

My small change for January

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to curb my water use for January.  My plan is to keep a bucket in the shower for the water that flows down the drain before it warms up.  I figure that the water can be used for flushing the toilet or added to the washer for clothes washing.  I’m also going to try rinsing dishes that do not really need to be washed, like the plate I put my toast on.  Does it really need to be scrubbed?  I can hear the groans of disgust from the crowd already;)  Will keep you posted as to my progress!

Let’s try again

I‘ve never been much of a journal writer, mostly because I come up with my most cohesive commentary when I am away from a computer keyboard or paper and pen.  But my dear husband created a website for me and part of my New Year’s resolution is to use it.  I tried to blog on a regular basis last year, but to no avail.

I am also eager to participate in the “one small change” campaign.  I will post more on my “change” for January in another post.  Care to join me in making small changes?