Great book recommendation

*update* This is from the author of the book:

Keri Wyatt Kent January 26, 2010 at 9:07 pm [edit]

If your readers would like to read the first chapter of this book they can see it at the Zondervan website. Go to the page below and click on “read sample” on the left side of the page (under the cover photo). Thanks for the mention on your blog!

Good morning to you! Woke up this morning with my early bird and decided to blog a bit while he played. And to what should my wondering eyes appear- a comment! From someone whom I didn’t make visit my site! Can you tell I am very excited by that?!
I firmly believe that God puts people and circumstances into your life that are meant to draw your attention to something he is trying to tell you. And I got the message as soon as I popped over to Linn’s site at peaceliving. She had a post up about a devotional book called Simple Compassion. It’s about treating others with more compassion and kindness and starting with those closest to you. It is something I struggle with.
Mother Theresa said that you should care for the poor, beginning with those in your own home. She didn’t mean monetarily poor, but those needing love and attention. Charity, in all of its forms, starts at home. And so, I will be reading that book in the very near future! Here’s to being mindful to the needs of those around me – have a great day:)