thinking about my next month’s pledge

The water saving is going well, and I think my dear husband may have joined in without my even having to ask! What a guy:) I am trying to figure out what change we can make next month. I had played with the idea of cloth diapers for my baby, but being a breastfed baby means the poops sort of soak into the diaper and don’t come off that easily for soaking. May have to push that one off until we get more solid poopies. (Am I really discussing poop in my blog? I need to get out more!)
That leaves me with eating local (not really easy in frozen New England!) and cooking from scratch. I think I’m ready to cook from scratch. I received a great book called “Artisan bread in five minutes a day” and that will be my starting point. And this summer my goal is to get a few chickens for eggs and expand the veggie garden. Wish me luck!