been away awhile

I have been neglecting my postings! I haven’t had a moment to sit and write anything worth reading (in my opinion anyway:)
My “one small change” challenge this month has been a challenge! I am trying to make more things from scratch. To my defense though, the kids and I have all been under the weather and therefore I have been unmotivated to do anything more taxing than boil a box of dried macaroni. I know, it is the Lenten season, and all about sacrifice

February Doldrums

Well, I tried my best to avoid them, but the doldrums came anyway! I have been plagued with that restless feeling that sends people flocking to tropical locales. Unfortunately, I have too many small children and too little extra funds to make a tropical getaway a reality.
I have found myself giving in to feelings of self-doubt regarding my homeschool schedule. The kids are learning (thanks be to God!), but I think I have turned into a Nazi to achieve it. One of the many reasons we decided to homeschool was to preserve that love of learning that all little kids are born with. I worry that I am choking that love of learning out of them. All because I let myself fall prey to comparing my homeschool with others.
I know what the veteran moms out there are saying and I know it myself – every child and every homeschool is different, and there is no one right way to do it. Still, it is hard to ignore those nagging voices in your mind (see the doldrums will do that to you!) when you read about little Sally who graduated from her homeschool at 16, Harvard Med School by 22, and is working on her memoirs while breastfeeding twins, homeschooling her 4 y.o. (who she had during med school) and working full time as the head of Pediatric Surgery at St. Jude’s Hospital. And did I mention that she is an accomplished concert pianist, who plays at benefit concerts every weekend!
Granted, she isn’t a real person, just fictional ramblings from my mind. But we’ve all read the stories about these perfect homeschools.
I don’t expect or necessarily want all that for my children. I want them to love what they do and use the gifts God has given them. My fear is that I may squander their gifts by not doing enough to encourage or challenge them. I don’t want to ruin them!!
So, what is a concerned mom to do? Well, if your me, you call your homeschool mom friends for a good talking to. God bless the women He has put in my life who talked me back into reality! I was reassured that I am doing fine, hitting the milestones and covering the necessities.
And, sure enough, when I took a good look at where we are at, I like where we are. Not to say that there isn’t room for improvement (I’ll be getting rid of my Nazi uniform), but the kids are thriving and their love of learning still breaths.
Here’s to getting back into the groove!