Further thoughts on neon signs

As you saw from my previous post, I had a moment of weakness of faith. I questioned our place in this world and if we were where we were meant to be.
Well, I went to bed that night and slept fitfully. My little one woke me up at about 3am, and as I sat rocking my bundle of joy back to sleep, it came to me. I am exactly where I am meant to be. If we did make a mistake or misjudged our path, then God would have set the wheels in motion to correct that misalignment. What a fool I have been to think that God would let us miss the signs!
I feel better knowing that this is our place, at least for now…

ungrateful or missing the neon sign

Do you ever wonder if you are where God wants you to be? Do you ever fear that you missed the neon sign that said “Hey, you! Go this way!”? I was reading a post at Like Mother Like Daughter, and it actually made me cry. Why? Because she spoke of her friends who “seize the opportunity to do what you want to do with life.”
I love my children and my amazing husband, that is NOT in question. But sometimes I wonder if God didn’t mean for us all to be somewhere else. Perhaps Ireland or France, or even out West on a farm. When I see open spaces and green rolling hills, even goats and sheep, I feel a tug at my heart. I know that Our Lord has blessed me in so many ways, and I do not wish to sound ungrateful. I have a nice, safe home. My husband has a good job and we have wonderful neighbors. We are close to family and friends here. We are truly blessed and I am so grateful for all that God has given us.
So, before posting here, I had an urge to visit – starry sky ranch – and found this quote: “This is the first lesson for the Christian wife and mother today: to let go of what may once have been – and under other circumstances might now be – a recollected self, and take on, with both hands, the plan of God. Indeed it is the lesson for every Christian in every age: it is the gospel of dying on one plane in order to live in another.”
I wish I knew the plan.