Whoohoo look at me!

I’ve posted two days in a row – miracles never cease!
Today I am struck by how wonderful childhood is. Isn’t it a shame how society wants them to grow up too fast! Society wants them to be self-sufficient before they can even spell the words!
In the background as I type this, my two boys (5 and 9) are building with legos and checking on the Easter eggs they just painted. My girl (7) is playing dolls with the other girls in the neighborhood, dressing and redressing them (and I had to laugh because she commented on another doll’s immodest outfit, to which the other girl responded “You’re right, she needs a sweater.”) There is no worry about what others will think about their age-appropriate play, no one teasing because they still paint eggs or play with dolls. And I am thanking God that I can watch my kids still be kids…


I recently went to a Faith and Family’s Mom’s Day Away. It was wonderful! I got more out of the day than I could have hoped for – friendship, food, free stuff, even chocolate! And now, I may even get some readers! At the registration desk they asked for our blog and website info. So, I submitted mine and now I have motivation to write more frequently. Hopefully I don’t disappoint:)

On waking up early only to find that the contractor has the stomach bug…

We’ve been having our basement worked on for a few weeks now. In the midst of that, we caught the stomach bug and inadvertently gave it to the 2 contractors working on our basement. The third contractor wasn’t here for that mess, he was home caring for his 5 children while his wife was away (lucky gal!)…It is basically finished down there, but there are a few details left to button up. I dragged my self out of bed this morning before dawn in order to be up and ready for when the third contractor came (with 2 kiddos in tow) to finish up downstairs and have a playdate with my kids (I’m friends with my contractor and his wife).
Anyway, imagine my dismay when I checked email this morning and read the message letting me know that his kids are now sick with the bug! OOPS! So, we won’t be buttoning up the basement today – which is fine! I’ll take that over getting the bug again:)
They are in my prayers for a quick recovery!

A wonderful Mom’s Day Away

I had the most wonderful “mom’s day away” with some fellow Catholic moms! Faith and Family magazine brought speakers to a nearby parish and all I can say is “wow!” I had never heard of any of these women, but they are bloggers associated with the Faith and Family website. They were amazing! Danielle Bean started out the talks with a discussion about trusting God and just saying “yes” to him and all the blessings that will flow from that simple, three-letter word. Then we had a talk by Jennifer Fulwiler (a former athiest. I don’t know about you, but those are my favorite conversion stories!) who talked about something I think a lot of us suffer from, FEAR! And how fear really stands in our way of achieving God’s will for our lives. Father Chip Hines spoke about the importance of confession (I needed reminding about that!) and Rachel Balducci discussed how you too can be a saint! Imagine that – I can be a saint! It seems daunting at times doesn’t it. But really, we all can be saints, if we just listen to God’s voice and allow him to lead us.
Pat Gohn kept us in stitches with her sharp wit; she did a great job getting us all comfortable with one another.
It wasn’t that I didn’t know this stuff, but boy did I need reminding. I know what I should do, I just need reminding. Like my kids with picking up laundry or putting their breakfast plate in the sink. Hopefully my kids and I will grow out of it;)

If you should ever have the chance to go to one of these mom’s day away, I strongly encourage you to go. The amount of energy and recharging I got from today was worth the early wake up, going the wrong way down a one-way street, missing the parking lot and dodging 4 lanes of traffic to cross the street to get there! I’m glad I didn’t turn around and go home after I missed the parking lot the second time:)

And I have to thank my great husband who held down the fort so that I could go – Thank you sweetie!