Funny things my kids said or did today…

I wanted to chronicle some of the strange things kids say and do. Hopefully you get a laugh out of them too!
I was informed today by my 9y.o. that when you scratch your armpit it is kind of like picking a horse’s nose because “it is a big crevice.” I’m sure a horse’s nose smells nothing like a 9y.o. boy’s armpit, at least I hope it doesn’t!
Have you ever read the book “Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water”? Well, apparently my 2 y.o. hasn’t. Yep, today he drank the holy water. I found him upstairs holding the once-full bottle to his lips. When I asked what he was doing, he said, “Mumma, I dinkin’ water.” The look on his face was like “Duh, Mom!” Luckily the water was straight from the fount and not filled from the dish located near the church door. I let you know how that all comes out, if you get my drift!