Come on, find your joy!

Sunday: This is what brought me joy today – Joseph reading “Goodnight Moon” with me and the way he says “The old lady whispering hush…”
Monday: A good chicken dinner.
Tuesday: Friends to laugh with
Wednesday: A morning walk while saying the Rosary.
Thursday: The happiness my kids got from seeing a huge turtle in the yard.
Friday: More laughs with friends and a good rub…for barbequing.
Saturday: The first official weekend of summer.

The Joy Project

We all have days, maybe even weeks, when we feel like the happiness has been sucked out of our lives. But, if we take just a minute and really think about the day, I will bet that we can find at least one thing that brought us joy. Maybe it was that last piece of Easter chocolate that seemed to be waiting for you in the cabinet. Perhaps it was the fact that you made it to bedtime without causing bodily harm to anyone. Or it could be that happy sigh from your baby at 3am, after he’s nursed every hour on the hour for the past 24 hours. Take a minute, find just one and I bet you won’t be able to stop at just one…
Join the Joy Project. Write down your “joy of the day” each day, and on Saturday you can post it here in the comments.
Wishing you much joy (but I bet it is already there)!