This week’s joy!

This week has been crazy-busy! My brother and his family flew in from Phoenix, AZ for a visit. It was great to see them. My nieces are just the cutest things! Especially the 2yo. She is a hoot! Really friendly and not afraid of any situation. I don’t think I saw her get shy once the entire trip. I watched her get right in the middle of a frisbee in the can game that my brother and his friends were playing (just like they were still in high schoool) and she was chatting up a storm with the guys. Like she was 16 or something…Jeff needs to watch that one, for sure!
So, here are my joys this week:
Sunday: Being with family and celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday. He is still an active guy (maybe too active!), thank God! It was nice to see my dad’s friends that I haven’t seen in years and catch up with them. It was funny seeing my brother’s friends, now all adults. I remember when they were squeaky voiced kids with acne! I’m 10 years older than Jeff, so it was like watching my own kids grow up. Bittersweet.
Monday: A relaxing morning then an opportunity to get to know Jenn (Jeff’s wife) a bit better. It was a little strange at first, as I am sure Jeff warned her how weird and protective we are. But after a while, we let is all hang out. And she didn’t run screaming!! But that might be because she was stuck in Boston with us and we were her only way home;)
Tuesday: Strawberry picking with my kids and nieces. I think they ate more than they picked! Top it off with feeding the animals in the petting zoo and some yummy ice cream, and you’ve got a joyful day!
Wednesday: Holding a baby while she falls asleep. ‘nough said…
Thursday:: A beautiful weather day! We spent the whole day outside (with little complaint – there’s the joy!)
Friday: : Dinner with friends and enjoying my kids whooping it up with their buddies!
Saturday: : Birds singing – another of God’s gifts:)
What were your joys this week?

Resurrecting Joy Project

Okay, so I am really bad at this blogging thing! It doesn’t mean I haven’t seen joy in my days, I’m too lazy to blog about it! But, here I am to give it another go:) My joys this week were:
Sunday – Being married to the world’s greatest Dad (no really, the shirt says so)
Monday – Watching Joseph learn to play mini golf, and that he didn’t decapitate someone.
Tuesday – Enjoying my kids being kids at StoryLand. I know childhood can’t last forever, but I’ll take it as long as I can.
Wednesday – Indoor water park on a 90 plus degree day!
Thursday – a safe and relatively quiet ride home to a clean house.
Friday – having great gal pals to laugh with.
Saturday – family, near and far.