Joy is free!

Let’s see if I can remember my joys this week…
Monday – Playing at the park with my kids after *FREE* swim lessons (one of the advantages of living in a city). I think you could make a whole exercise regime at the park. It takes a lot of work to pump on the swing:)
Tuesday – My baby turned 3! Not that he ever really acted like a baby, always wanting to be a big boy. I wish they could stay little just a bit longer…
Wednesday – Matthew got to try out guitar lessons and he really likes it. Trying really hard for him not to feel like the middle child all the time.
Thursday – Again with the free swim lessons but this time with a free craft and free bagged lunches for the kids. Maybe city life ain’t so bad.
Friday – Ah Friday, enough said:)
Saturday – Birthday parties for the boys and more toys (did I mention that Monday I cleaned out in anticipation of said toy deluge!)
Sunday – I love Savers! Especially when my shopping partners are my daughter, my niece and my sister (still trying to get my older sister to embrace used stuff stores;) Also, got a free succulent plant (no idea what that means) from Trader Joe’s. I love free stuff:)
Enjoy your week! And God’s peace on you this week too!


This was a weird week, don’t you agree? With Fourth of July in the middle of the week, it was a bit fragmented. Happy Fourth, by the way:) My joys this week were:
Monday – We were trying to get back into our routine, but it didn’t work quite the way I thought. Nonetheless, the day of hanging out and enjoying the sun with the kids was great, and as it turns out, much needed.
Tuesday – I love lego club. It brings me much joy to be able to sit and chat with a lovely group of gals.
Wednesday – Fireworks and burgers…mmmm red meat!
Thursday – Watching my kids laugh it up with their pals.
Friday – I really love the library. I am a total book worm (as evidenced by my basement bookshelves), so the library is like home to me.
Saturday – My neighbor’s cream cheese and vanilla frosting. Words can not fully express how yummy her cakes are. I’ll be sad when her kids are too old for big birthday parties.
Sunday – We were outside last night and got devoured by mosquitoes. Joseph came to me this morning and yelled “Mom! My forehead is sticking out!” Turns out it is a big bite right in the middle of his forehead. I just love the funny things kids say!
Can’t wait to hear your joys!