Joy is…

Sunday – First rock concert with my daughter (does a teeny-bopper band count as “rock”?)
Monday – An empty science museum without a school field trip in sight!!
Tuesday – kids willingly starting and finishing school without being asked.
Wednesday – free dinner ingredients (did I mention most of it was free!)
Thursday – a nice visit with a great friend (thanks MaryEllen!)
Friday – getting things done around the house with very helpful kids (they must want something)
Saturday – Dinner with hubby and friends, there was even fancy China. I can’t remember the last time I ate off of matching plates!

Semi-farmed kind of life

I know, I’ve quoted two songs this week. I will try to be more original in the future;) I’ve been thinking about farming and all that that implies. I would LOVE to own a few acres and do the whole American Gothic thing (I’ve already got the bun and apron, just need to get hubby the pitch fork!). But, that isn’t where God put us. It is just about the exact opposite of where he put us! But, I know God has put us here for a reason, so I embrace it and do my best to bring the farm here. I’ve got garden beds, hens, a clothesline and rabbits. Well, the rabbits aren’t for eating, though I tell my kids all the time that if those confounded beasts continue chewing my curtains they’re going to be stew! They aren’t amused, but it makes me feel better!
Our future goals for achieving our semi-farmed life are 1) honey bees, 2) goats 3) solar panels. Solar panels aren’t exactly “farming”, but it goes with self-sufficient, which is what farming means to me.
I think honey bees are doable, but the goats will be a problem. We live in an urban area that restricts livestock. I’m sure my neighbors would be okay with a small goat or two, but I’m sure the city officials would take a less favorable view. I am hoping to “outsource” the goats. I’ll be praying about it and seeing what solutions God presents me with.

When your mom hands you extra veggies you make dinner

My folks have gone out west to visit my brother and his family. When that happens, my mom empties her fridge, and I am the (usually) lucky recipient of free food. Hey, I have a lot of mouths to feed, I’ll take free food! So the bounty bestowed on me includes a red pepper, a medium zucchini, broccoli, a cucumber and grapes.
She had given me 5 lbs of her grapes last week, and those became jelly. My fingers are still purple from the jelly! And since there is only about 2lbs of grapes, I think I’ll make juice instead.
I chopped some onions from my garden and sauteed them with some garlic from the farmers market. I added the red pepper, zucchini and leftover rice and green beans I had in the fridge and voila – dinner! Now we’ll just have to see if the kids will eat it!

Blessed Good Friday and Happy Earth Day to you!

*I was looking through old posts and realized that I never published this one, so here it is*

Yes, I did put Earth Day and Good Friday in the same sentence. Now, before you skewer me, hear me out. Why should we celebrate Earth Day? Personally, I love the idea of a day spent glorifying the place that God made for us! Look around you at all the wonders that He lovingly put on this Earth for us! Now, think about how we use those wonders. Yeah, we could do better. God did not make the seas and skies for us to pollute them. He did not make the forests for us to strip them clean away and leave emptiness in it’s place. I agree that He made those forests for us to build our homes and warm them. But didn’t he also make them for the birds and animals that live there? We, as humans, are in charge of all other life on Earth. God put them at our disposal, for food, clothing, transport and to aid our work. But aren’t we likewise responsible for their well being?
Now, what does that have to do with Good Friday? I’m getting to that…God sent Jesus here to Earth to save us! Isn’t that amazing? This poor innocent soul sacrificed for our sins, so that we can go to Heaven and be with the Father. Now, are we living in a way that is deserving of this precious gift? I know I could do better. God did not make the people around us so that we can pollute them with bad behavior, impure thoughts and images, improper language and dishonesty. He did not make the souls around us so that we can strip them clean and leave emptiness in it’s place. He made them so that we can share our homes with them, warm our lives with them and share our work with them. And we are, likewise, responsible for their well-being.

Been a long time since I rock and rolled

It’s been a long time, been a long time,
Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. Yes it has.

Yes, I am dating myself with a song reference to Led Zeppelin, oh well! It has been a long time. As I’ve mentioned before, I am terrible at the whole blog/journal thing. But I have been inspired by some beautiful blogs that I have seen, so I am going to get back into the proverbial saddle and try again! Betcha didn’t know that today was gonna be your lucky day;)

Hopefully we’ll see you here again tomorrow!