Semi-farmed kind of life

by admin on October 3, 2014

I know, I’ve quoted two songs this week. I will try to be more original in the future;) I’ve been thinking about farming and all that that implies. I would LOVE to own a few acres and do the whole American Gothic thing (I’ve already got the bun and apron, just need to get hubby the pitch fork!). But, that isn’t where God put us. It is just about the exact opposite of where he put us! But, I know God has put us here for a reason, so I embrace it and do my best to bring the farm here. I’ve got garden beds, hens, a clothesline and rabbits. Well, the rabbits aren’t for eating, though I tell my kids all the time that if those confounded beasts continue chewing my curtains they’re going to be stew! They aren’t amused, but it makes me feel better!
Our future goals for achieving our semi-farmed life are 1) honey bees, 2) goats 3) solar panels. Solar panels aren’t exactly “farming”, but it goes with self-sufficient, which is what farming means to me.
I think honey bees are doable, but the goats will be a problem. We live in an urban area that restricts livestock. I’m sure my neighbors would be okay with a small goat or two, but I’m sure the city officials would take a less favorable view. I am hoping to “outsource” the goats. I’ll be praying about it and seeing what solutions God presents me with.

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