water saving update

Well, I am 4 days into my water saving pledge and so far so good! I have a 2 gallon bucket in the shower and when I filled it with the water that normally goes down the drain during warm up, I got almost 2 gallons! Now I am filled with guilt over all that water going down the drain! Especially after seeing the reports on Haiti and all the other nations that don’t have any clean water and here I am sending gallon after gallon to the sewer!
I pride myself on being a pretty good steward of God’s beautiful Earth, but when I really stop and take a closer look, I have LOADS of room for improvement.
And in other news, I saw a beautiful blog sent to me by a friend. After viewing her site, I feel woefully inadequate and must apologize to my readers for such humdrum prose! I promise to spice it up when I get a little more sleep – can’t be witty on less than 6 hours!

2 thoughts on “water saving update

  1. Good for you! I’m always so thrilled to find a fellow christian blogger who cares for the earth. We are few and far between!

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