Courage to Attack the Basement


I went away this weekend to an AMAZING mother’s retreat.  I came back so refreshed and feeling renewed by the Holy Spirit, that I jumped right in and defeated my enemy, the basement!  As you can see in the before photos, it was pretty overwhelming.  The toys had partially gotten put back on the shelves, but some things were missing pieces, broken, or just not loved anymore.  You know it’s time to purge when the 8 year old is telling you that he’s glad you’re getting rid of stuff!

I was able to get rid of two bags of trash and have another sizable pile to donate, which I plan on doing tomorrow.  That is the key to the Forty Bags, getting stuff out of the house.  Because if the bags are just cluttering up your coat closet, the front hall or the trunk of your car, then you will not get the peace you seek.  Remember, a lot of charities will come right to your door to pick up your donations!

Here is a peek at the after and the stuff leaving my home:

Games with all their pieces and organized so the little ones can’t easily reach them and undo all the hard work!


Erm, please ignore the unvacuumed floor.


Here’s the pile of things that will soon be blessing someone else’s home.


Nothing brings contentment than garbage leaving the house!


Happy purging!

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