to sleep or not to sleep

That is the problem! We are the proud parents of a child who requires little to no sleep to function. How is this possible? Especially when he comes from parents who require at least 8 hours a piece to function properly.
Night time here is like running the gauntlet. Not knowing what I will have to do to get even a tiny bit of sleep, when bedtime approaches I break out in a cold sweat. Will I have to nurse him every two hours in the glider? Will I have to watch bad late night tv with him while he plays on the floor? The other night I did so many laps with him, I could have walked to Tibet and back.
And I am not on this roller-coaster alone. My wonderful husband gets up frequently with the baby to try and buy me a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, but then he doesn’t get any and has to haul himself to work, exhausted. Then I feel guilty. And tired. So what is a mother to do?
Well, I am breaking the cardinal rule of modern parenting, and keeping him in bed with me. Last night I nursed him all night, basically I was a human pacifier.
But, you know what, I got to sleep! So when my early bird decided that he wanted to watch the sun rise, I was actually coherent. Even with interruptions, I think I got a solid 6 1/2 hours! Whooooow!
Here’s to sleeping again!

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