What’s In Your Pantry?

Well, my pantry was chock o’block full of stuff begging to be thrown out.  Pantries tend to be one of those areas where things go in, some things come out and some gets lost at the back of the shelf.  I started by going top down and organizing like items with like.  I took partial packages and put them into glass containers I had on hand.  Much easier to see how much of something you have, plus less likely to get up-ended and spilled when the kids go rummaging for snacks.

Our pantry also houses our medicines and first aid items:

I love these clear shoe bags for storing things.  I use them here for the first aid and medicines, in the basement to store video games, cords and controllers, and in the craft room for sorting things like scissors, ribbon and crochet/knitting needles.  Really, the uses are endless!

So, here is the cleaned-out and organized pantry closet and first aid station:

And here is the pile of stuff I threw out and recycled:

I’m a happy girl today!  How about you?  Was it a good purging day for you?

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