What’s in Your Spice Cabinet?

My spice cabinet sees constant use throughout the day.  I finally paused to look at the state of it, and I am embarrassed by how bad I had let it get!  Look at it!  No rhyme or reason to it at all, empty bottles in there among the new ones, sandwich bags and muffin cups.  So, I pulled everything out, wiped it down and reorganized it all.  I also found room to put away my toaster oven, which is also a well loved item in the kitchen.  It is ugly as all get out, but still works fine, so I am in no rush to get a new one.  Hence my desire to hide it away from visitors!

Here it is all wiped out and ready for reorganization (personally, my favorite part of the process!)

And here is the reveal:

I had spices in there that we received as part of wedding shower gift.  We’ve been married for 20 years this year, so eww right??! (I mean the spices, not the being married 20 years part – that has been awesome!)

And there is my ugly toaster hidden away from the world like a princess in a Brothers’ Grimm fairy tale.  Maybe a fairy godmother will pretty it up before it gets used again!

Are you still plugging along with your forty bags challenge?


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