New Years Resolutions


Another reason why my jeans don’t fit!

What’s a New Year without resolutions, right?!?

Generally, I don’t do the whole resolution thing. My decision to make some changes to my life just happens to coincide with New Year’s day.  You may wonder what is prompting this need for changes. I’ve got three words for you – Jeans Don’t Fit.

I had a few extra pounds sticking around following my miscarriage in June. I half-heartedly tried the 8/16 fast, where you fast for 16 hours, then eat only during the 8 hours. I didn’t stick to it very well . I’m a creature of habit, so skipping my morning cuppa tea really threw my day off. To be able to have my tea at 7 am, I’d have to stop eating at 3pm. Did you ever notice how far 3pm is from 10pm? Well, my stomach noticed!

I’ve done fasts before, and I have the most success with the 5/2 diet. You restrict your calorie intake to 500 calories two, non-consecutive days per week. I usually do Tuesday and Thursday. The last time I did it, I lost 12 pounds without having to run miles or really increase my activity level. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not sitting around eating bonbons (though I do day dream about it sometimes). I have five, very active children that I homeschool, so I’m on my feet all day. The idea of adding workouts to my day was completely unrealistic. No disrespect to you supermoms who can run five miles and still have energy to homeschool, bake bread from home ground wheat, and study for your nursing finals without breaking a sweat. I aspire to be you someday. But right now, I aspire to fit in my jeans again.

I will be starting this tomorrow (Happy New Year to me!). Here’s the plan:


1 large boiled egg          78 calories

Tea; 1 TBS honey           23 calories

1 TBS whole milk 10 calories

Total:                              111 calories


1  C lettuce                        5 calories

1/2 C chicken                167.5 calories

1 TBS hummus              25 calories

Total.                           197.5 calories


1/2 C cooked brown rice  108 calories

1/2 C carrots                          41 calories

1TBS cooked 80/20

ground beef                        38.5 calories

Total:                                  187.5 calories

Daily total:                        496 calories


Now for this type of eating program, measuring is essential. You can’t just eyeball it, because your eyes will deceive you. Keeping hydrated is important too. A glass of water can really help you feel full. Especially when taken just before a meal.

I’d love for others to join me on this! If you want more info on it, look up 5:2 fasting and Michael Moseley, a big advocate and author of a few books about it. My last piece of advice, try not to hang out in your kitchen on fasting days. Unless you feel like you need to do extra penance!

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